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Bold of Heart Interview and Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Bold of Heart

Author: Susan K. Beatty

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release date: May 28, 2024

A reporter, a rich man, and a chaplain walk into a mystery…

Tamzin Murray has three goals: Follow Jesus. Control her no-filter mouth. And no romance. When her friend offers her a job as a reporter on the South Pacific Suamalie Islands, she jumps at the chance for a fresh start. But when she’s forced to meet the handsome, wealthy investor, she not only finds herself involved in a love triangle, but also a dangerous mystery.

When Wentworth “Sully” Sullivan’s yacht is sabotaged, he did not expect to fall for the reporter covering his story. Especially since his experience with women has mostly been with gold-diggers.

Émile Durand is too shy to date, but when he meets his sister’s new coworker, he can’t help his attraction to her. And the more he helps her out of scrapes, the further he falls in love with her.

As the mystery becomes more dangerous, and the more their hearts get entangled, how will Tamzin, Sully, and Émile get out of the messes they’ve put themselves into?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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About the Author

Susan K. Beatty is in her third career—from journalist to homeschool tech writer to her life-long dream of becoming a novelist. She is proof you can start a new writing career late in life. Susan released her first published fiction in September 2019, and now an awarding winner author, this is her third novel, with several novelettes and short stories to her credit. She is passionate about finding courage through faith and grit. Susan lives with her husband of forty-nine years in Southern California. Add children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to the mix and she has little time for her favorite hobbies of reading, watching classic movies, British crime dramas, and traveling.


More from Susan

I love to follow my characters from struggling with a character flaw (or two or three) to victory, even if it isn’t complete. Yet. It blesses me when I see the characters becoming bold and courageous through following Christ and with the support of those around them.

Yes, I know I’m talking as if they do this without my help as the author. And, in some respects, that would almost be true. I may have an idea what the character is going to say or do next, but often what appears on my computer monitor is not what I expected. Yes, as if they had a mind of their own.

Such is the case with my three main characters in Bold of Heart. I had planned that Tamzin would fall for one character, only to have her go for the other one. Then there was of who was Sully’s bad guy. Again, I thought was going to be one character until another character shot to the forefront. And Émile? I didn’t expect him to be so bold. It would be a spoiler if I gave more detail here. (Do you hear Simon Legree-like laughing here?)

I’ve known a couple people who just have no filter on their mouths, but still good-hearted, well-meaning folks. Thus, Tamzin’s major character flaw. Getting her to the Suamalie Islands, and away from her prime example, her mother, for a fresh start, gives Tamzin a chance to work on softening her remarks.

How can a hospital chaplain be shy? Well, that is Émile’s issue. Actually, he’s only shy outside of the hospital room. Near women.

I’ve never been wealthy, and don’t expect to be, so I had to imagine how our millionaire Sully could be wary of dating. It didn’t help he’d already been through an unpleasant experience after his wife passed away.

Love triangles are a familiar Christian romance trope, but to keep it from getting sticky, I threw in some mystery and suspense. It was a bonus that the experiences helped the characters develop their bold hearts.

Interview with the Author

  1. What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

I’m not sure how under-appreciated it is, but you don’t hear too much about A Girl of the Limberlost and other novels by Gene Stratton-Porter. Her books take you back to an early turn-of-the 19th century life, in some ways a simpler life, but still fraught with struggles and powerful emotions. Her robust characters, particularly the younger ones, draw you in. I’d put her novels right up there with Louisa May Allcott and L.M. Montgomery.

  1. How do you select the names of your characters?

Naming characters is one of my favorite aspects of writing fiction. I like to be creative with choosing names, but not get too wacky. I usually look through lists of names appropriate for the time, geographical locations, and country, then select whatever takes my fancy and is appropriate for the character. However, sometimes I start with a character’s name in mind. For example, in Bold of Heart, I started with Tamzin, a colorful and quirky name for a character with the same qualities. For the millionaire character, I wanted something stuffy and pretentious, Wentworth Sullivan, totally unlike the actual character whose nickname, Sully, fits his personality better. (My secret ambition is to be the person who creates city street names.)

  1. What was your hardest scene to write?

I find it hard to write romantic scenes—a little problematic since some romance finds its way into most of my books. This is even more problematic in the Suamalie Islands Series because it is truly a romance series, but with real life spiritual issues and often with suspense and mystery. I admire those authors who can write toe-curling kissing scenes, but I struggle with them.

  1. Who is the author you most admire in your genre?

I write in a couple different genres, sometimes one book is a mashup. In the romantic suspense genre, I love Lisa Phillips (her plot twists and turns are amazing), and in women’s fiction, it’s hard to beat Cynthia Ruchti or Ginny Ytrupp.

  1. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

When not writing, I read, read, read. I also enjoy British TV and movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Spending time with family is a top priority.

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