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Collision Course Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book Title: Collision Course

Author Name: Millie Inman

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: October 19, 2023

The shocking death of the popular Prince of Wales launches his young heir from innocent childhood into a roiling caldron of political jealousy and intrigue. Set in all the glory of mid-eighteenth century England, the child prince is urgently prepared for his estranged grandfather’s throne. Under the wing of his godly tutor-advisor, the youth staggers through an escalating minefield of hazards.
Juxtaposed with the prince’s story, is the life of a down-and-out firebrand statesman considering retirement from public service, including the House of Commons because he’s under the king’s fervent disfavor. As rumors of coup d’etat swirl around the prince, an alliance between the youth and the flagging Member of Parliament (MP) secures hope of a safe ascension. The alliance also catapults the prince’s gentle advisor and the seasoned statesman MP into the two most powerful men in Great Britain. One controls the next king. The other controls Parliament. Then, in the face of escalating war, a shocking twist changes everything.
Collision Course shatters clichés as it treks through England’s finest gardens and dines with kings and statesmen, all the while peering into the universal nature of the human soul and the heartbeat of corrupted constitutional government. This is the true, untold story of alliance, ambition, betrayal, loss, and recovery that set the world stage for the American Revolution.


Book Excerpt

George thought it nonsense. He was relieved Papa established him only next door under the supervision of trusted family friend Lord North for governor. Papa may have thought the custom harsh because he sent Prince Edward, George’s year-younger brother, for company. And he had construction underway for a long hallway wing joining the houses.

The royal tutor, Reverend Ayescough, arrived early that terrible morning. He appeared suddenly before dawn, his face framed in eerie candlestick shadow-light at the bottom of the stairs and called the princes down. Wiping sleep from their eyes, they hurried to comply, arriving wet faced and still buttoning their shirts with hair awry. George could hear Lord North clattering around in the kitchen. The prince felt vague anxiety creeping into his chest as the old gentleman folded his tall, lanky frame into a brocade wingchair and somberly requested the princes sit before him. George sat searching the piercing eyes hiding under bushy brows as the reverend ran his gnarled fingers through his thick white hair. Prince Edward was still hopping around pulling on his left boot. As soon as he settled, the old gentleman took a deep breath and sighed sorrowfully. “Your papa has gone to heaven.” The words swam around until they muted in the velvet drapes.

“It can’t be, sir!”


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