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Emma’s Hero Interview and Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Emma’s Hero

Author: Carrie Walker

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 5, 2024

“God won’t give me more than I can handle? I’m pretty sure He just did.”

After a year of loss and bad choices distance Emma Reynolds from her lifelong beliefs, she finds herself pregnant and alone at a twenty-week ultrasound, hearing the words “incompatible with life.” When her son, Theo, survives birth, she fights to give him the best care possible. As each day passes, Emma’s love for Theo grows—along with her fear of losing him. She can’t understand why God allows her son to suffer.

Seventeen-year-old blogger, Mason Hughes, feels lonely and worthless after his father left their family years ago. When he ignores his mother’s push to “contribute to society,” she volunteers him to help Emma each week. Wishing he’d applied for any other job, Mason has no choice but to grocery shop and practice his rusty social skills with a mother and son he doesn’t know.

Paramedic Ben Sullivan has earned himself the title of “most eligible” bachelor among his friends as they continually set him up on blind dates. While he’d love to avoid the uncomfortable events, his heart can’t help but seek the one thing missing in his life—a marriage like his parents have. If only he could find the woman himself.

As Theo’s tiny life connects them to each other, their loneliness breaks under the love of community, and they will never be the same.


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About the Author

Carrie Walker lives in Michigan with her husband and seven children. From her ten years serving as a high school youth minister, adventures around the globe, and raising a family, many stories have been knit within her heart.

As an avid reader she pens what she loves to read: contemporary stories that bring hope to a hurting world. Weaving romance among storylines of characters in struggle, she aims to show God working in all situations. When she’s not playing board games with her husband, shuttling kids in the Walker bus, or wishing for snow, Carrie can be found at the keyboard bringing those stories to life.

A member of ACFW, ACFW-GL and FHLCW, Carrie’s writing has been recognized in many contests and her debut novel, Emma’s Hero, won the 2020 ACFW First Impressions Contest for Contemporary.

To learn more about Carrie and her writing or to connect with her, follow her on social media! She’d love to hear from you.

More from Carrie

A number of years ago, I walked into a hospital room to visit a young woman I knew whose daughter with semi-lobar holoproscencephaly had been admitted. When I laid my eyes on the beautiful, tiny baby I knew that sweet girl had touched many lives, probably without her mother even knowing. The seed for a story was planted. I’d never written a book before so I ignored it for a long time, but then I witnessed an isolated teen in the school my children went to and that seed of an idea blossomed. Soon, the idea of a baby changing the life of a troubled teen would not leave me alone. And because I believe every book is better with romance, that baby might just have to touch a few other lives 😉 I took writing classes and penned this story over and over until it was right. And now I hand baby Theo to you, and pray he touches your life as well.

Interview with the Author

  1. How do you select the names of your characters? Most of my characters are named by my kids 🙂 I have veto power of course, but they are wayyy better at coming up with character names than I am. I will give them a general personality/age etc and their ideas just fly.


  1. What was your hardest scene to write?

I think the ultrasound scene in chapter one was probably the hardest. Having been through many ultrasounds during pregnancy it’s easy to place myself in Emma’s position, but the tricky part is the reactions of all the characters to her baby’s diagnosis. I feel like I rewrote that scene so many times.

  1. What comes first, the plot or characters?

That’s tricky! I would say a core idea comes first, but before I can think of any plot ideas that develop from that core idea I need to color in the characters. So, for Emma’s Hero I knew that a baby counted out by doctors would change lives. Then I needed to know the characters before any further plot would come.

  1. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I am a stay-at-home mom of seven. So lots of family activities with my husband and kids (and concerts, plays, sports etc.). We also love playing board games and have two closets filled with them!


  1. If you could invite one person to dinner, who would it be and what would you cook?

I would love to have Charles Martin over for dinner! His books are phenomenal and I heard him speak recently at a conference and would love the opportunity to hear more of his story. I would make lasagna and he’d better be ready to be passed the “talking stick” to share his highlights and lowlights of the day (a Walker dinner tradition).

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