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Faces of Courage Book Excerpt!

About the Book

Book:  Faces of Courage

Author: Susan K. Beatty

Genre: Christian Woman’s Fiction

Release date: May 11, 2021

Fear strangles even the faithful sometimes.

Despite every attempt to be brave, fear has defined Olivia Stanford’s life: with each new foster home, when her adopted parents died leaving her all alone again, trusting and marrying her husband, Frank, and coping with his football injuries and career loss.

Without faith, fear only grows in the face of adversity.

When Frank becomes abusive, Olivia enters a terror-filled life in her upscale Southern California home. Common sense demands she dig deep for the courage to confront him–to demand change. Fear and confusion push back.

And just as courage finally blooms within her comes the terrifying diagnosis: breast cancer.

Some say courage is found at the intersection of faith and grit. How will Olivia manage to summon either in the midst of this new battle?

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Book Excerpt

What was he talking about? He’d been a deacon and always around the church. Well, until lately. Her mind skipped to the empty pew beside her these past few Sundays. And his disappearances after the beginning of Bible study, showing up at the last minute as everyone was leaving. Tonight, he hadn’t bothered to appear until she stood at the front door. And he’d never called their friends hypocrites before.

He clenched and unclenched his fist by his side.

“I’m sorry.” She tried to make herself smaller. Questioning him was pointless, riling him more, making everything her fault. It was always her fault. What could she say anyway? Or do?

“Sorry?” He gripped her arm even tighter, his fingers no doubt leaving their mark. “You’re sorry all right. Sorry excuse for a wife. I won’t put up with those do-gooders anymore.”

Olivia made no noise, but she couldn’t control the twitch in her cheek.

Frank blinked, and his eyes seemed to clear. He dropped his hand, spun, and stomped out of the entryway.

Still feeling his fingers lingering on her arm, she willed her legs to carry her toward the living room. She perched on the sectional, trying to make sense of what he’d said. And not said.

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About the Author

“Courage: The intersection of faith and Grit”

Susan K. Beatty is passionate about finding courage through faith and grit, particularly through the trials of breast cancer. Her daughter is a metastatic breast cancer “thriver” and has been an inspiration for her writing. Susan retired from a full-time job in 2017 and is now pursuing a novel-writing career. Her first novel, “Faces of Courage,” is in revision. Susan is the author of “An Introduction to Home Education” (AKA “California Homeschool Manual”), was the assistant director of the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference and is the president of her local ACFW-OC Chapter. She is a professional writer/journalist. Susan is proof you can begin a fiction writing career after age seventy.