It’s Been Too Long

Wow, I haven’t updated this in a long time! Life has been so hectic and busy as of late! My goal is to try to post here more often. Since my last post I have completed 8 college classes. That leaves me with 17 left until I get my bachelor’s degree! I am so excited!!! I have also gone on vacation to Sequoia National Park, as well as Las Vegas. I also took my driver’s license test and passed it on the first try! I have spent the last month reading all seven Harry Potter books in honor of Harry’s birthday (I’m such a nerd xD). I am currently taking a Literary Theory class which is proving to be both difficult and interesting. My favorite part of it so far is applying what we’ve learned to stories that I enjoy reading. I have also discovered a new otome game that I can’t stop playing. If you are into otome games then you should check out NTT Solmare’s Wizardess Heart. It has become my new favorite game!!! Alright, I probably won’t post everyday, but I’ll try to post as least once or twice a week; I shall now let you get back to your life! xD

NTT Solmare's Wizardess Heart Cover Photo
NTT Solmare’s Wizardess Heart Cover Photo