New Week

Hello again!

I am now entering my third week of Literary Theory; I have one week to go! These past two weeks have been interesting to say the least. My oldest cousin came to spend the night for a whole week! We watched movies, took her mini-golfing, and played video games. A week ago Saturday, my mom came home with 4 Americano pulleys (female baby chickens). Unfortunately, one of the baby chicks was born with a neck problem and didn’t make it; I did everything I could to save it, but I wasn’t able to. It still makes me very sad when I think about it. The other three are doing very well though! I have named them Odette, Sen, and Piglet! They are currently staying in my room until they are big enough to join the four adult chickens we have outside. Odette is a bully, Sen is a cuddler and likes to sleep on my hand, and Piglet freaks out if anyone tries to touch her. 

As far as school goes, these past two weeks have not been fun. I had a hard time understanding the world we had to read by people like Plato and Aristotle. I just finished a paper about the roles of recognition and reversal in two stories we had to read; that was rather fun!

Well, I’m off to bed now. I hope everyone had a great week and will have a great week ahead! 

Here is a picture of the pullets! The fluffy one in the corner is Odette, the yellow one in the middle is Sen, and the little one is Piglet!