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The Rabbi’s Touch Author Interview and Giveaway

The Rabbi's Touch

About the Book

Book:  The Rabbi’s Touch

Author: Annetta Lammers

Genre: Biblical Historical Fiction

Release date: Sept, 2020

the rabbi's touch HR[5364]Ten Gospel Encounters

What if you could live in the story? What if you could meet Jesus and have His eyes meet yours and know His great love for you?  What if you could feel his healing touch and know your body was well?   Author Annetta Lammers explores ten encounters with Jesus found in the gospels and tells their stories. Through reflection, study of the Greek and living each story she retells the encounters of Jesus touch, voice and power.

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About the Author

Author photoAnnetta Lammers is a wife, mother, homemaker, and educator. She savours quiet walks in the woods, the texture and colour of pottery and reading Biblical fiction with a cup of coffee. Her fascination and love of God’s word has motivated her to study over the years. You will find more of Annetta’s reflections at

More from Annetta

I counted my journals, wondering. A drawer filled with thirty-three journals. The years of words held in those pages cover countless seasons of living and following Jesus. Even the gaps of silence speak volumes in the journey.

This passion for writing, evident in that drawer of journals, has had the dream of a book tucked within it.  And, quite by surprise, a book has formed and grown these past years. The Rabbi’s Touch began innocently with the study of Blind Bartimaeus. His miracle took shape in my imagination, taking on sounds, images and emotions.  Notes and reflections about his healing found their way in the current journal. Hidden Greek meanings fed my imagination until I was Bartimaeus meeting Jesus. That encounter took on words that needed to be put down on paper as his story.  Bartimaeus’ story led to another short story, which led to another.  Each story was driven by the desire to enter the lives of those who met Jesus and were healed. Each story was written with the longing to encounter Jesus for myself, as if I had never met Him before. Perhaps I would grow in knowing Him.  And I did.

As the stories grew, so did a quiet desire for others to meet Him as I had. Perhaps others could meet Jesus on their dusty road, make eye contact with Him, hear His voice and feel His healing touch?  Perhaps a conviction of what He can do will grow, and they, too, could be determined to press in to receive what is His to give?  Perhaps they also will cast aside the veil they have been hiding behind and walk free? Perhaps you can meet Him, too?  So, here it is, a collection of first-hand stories, ready for you to encounter Jesus.

Annetta Lammers – Author

Author Interview with Annetta

What was your hardest scene to write?

My hardest scene, in The Rabbi’s Touch, was setting the stage for the second story, “No Longer Hiding”. I began the story in one direction and hesitated when I read a Greek scholar’s description of this miracle.  I scrapped my beginning and tried to write from that new angle, having lost confidence. However, I had trouble continuing because my imagination wasn’t engaged in it. When I revisited the story, months later, I decided to return to my initial setting and sense. The retelling of this miracle flowed and I found that, in the end, it didn’t contradict what I had learned from the scholar’s insights.

What is your favorite childhood book?

A favourite childhood book was Music Machine by Samuel Wright. The reading of the story is wrapped up in the warmth of Mom’s expressive voice while being snuggled in pjs and blankets with my brothers. It is a book that conjures up memories of a magical world, called Agapeland, enveloping my sleep, and the profoundly simple truth that God’s love was different and better than any other love.

Who is the author you most admire in your genre?

There are a number of Biblical fiction authors that I greatly admire and have on my shelf.  The one that first came to my mind is the author who hooked me many years ago on the inspiration found in good Biblical fiction.  Francine River’s Mark of the Lion series captured my imagination, as it mirrored my heart, giving me hope.  It was tradition to borrow these books from a dear friend every summer while on break from teaching – until she finally gave me my own set!  It proudly sits on my shelves now..

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

When I am not writing I enjoy hiking the various trails in the forest behind our home. The mornings are particularly quiet and it becomes head and heart space for me.  I enjoy puttering at home – tidying and organizing and adding beauty.  That puttering, at times, results in finding ingredients that need to be used up. It brings a joyful sense of satisfaction to successfully create a savoury soup, stew or casserole with a creative blend of ingredients. And yet, my favourite thing, when there is time, is to sit with an anticipated Biblical fiction book, and a cup of coffee or tea, and get lost in a Bible story.

If you could invite one person to dinner, who would it be and what would you cook?

If I could invite one person to dinner, I would invite my Dad. As a girl, if I needed to talk something out, I could always find my Dad somewhere on our small dairy farm. A good listener, he would silently continue with his work, at his measured pace, while I expressed my heart.  His thoughtful and wise responses helped to settle the emotions and swirling thoughts of a growing daughter. It is a blessing to still have my Dad to talk with, but the opportunities are less. To have him over for dinner would be an honour and it would definitely mean meat, potatoes and vegetables – a good Dutch meal.

Thank you, Annetta, for letting us get to know you better!

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