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To Speak His Name Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book Title: To Speak His Name

Author Name: Tara Johnson

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: March 4, 2024

Avalina is a woman trapped in silence. Stolen from her home in Ireland and sold as a slave to a Barbados plantation owner, the trauma of her past has left her mute, wrapped in a prison of loneliness and isolation amid an island of beauty. Though she longs to be free from the cruelty of her overseer, her heart yearns for a greater freedom…something just beyond her grasp.

Josiah Holland has been born into a South Carolina slave-holding family but all it takes is one trip to the island of Barbados to open his eyes to the ugly cruelty that abounds beyond the confines of his plantation. With the aid of fiery abolitionist Benjamin McGee, Josiah forges a new future, fighting the very ideals he was once a part of.

When Avalina and Josiah’s lives entwine, will their spark engulf them in destruction, or ignite a revolution?

Book Excerpt

“Sir, she’s only jus’ arrived. She’s frightened. Perhaps she needs time to adjust.”

Master Cyrene’s face contorted like the wooden masks he kept in his library. “Bah! My whip will help her adjust, and loosen her tongue as well!”

After my first beating, I rarely spoke again.

Chapter 1

April 8, 1816

St. John Parish, Barbados

“Get to it, girl.”

The slightest whoosh greeted my ears before a bone-jarring crack reverberated against my skull. Pain exploded in my head. With my ears ringing, it took long moments to register Baara’s hand hovering, waiting to strike again. Sucking air through my teeth, I rose from the hearth, the bucket of ashes bumping my hip.

“You are much too hard on her, Baara,” Tabia scolded. A surprising ally, since the woman was usually found whispering about me. “A witch, that one is.” She’d said it often enough. “Da girl is simple. Striking her will not make her smarter.”

I braved a glance at Baara, glaring at me with her crossed arms, dark eyes flashing.

She turned her focus to Tabia, brows lowered. “What do we do when we want a horse to move? If she is seen slacking, da Master will be rid of her. Do we want her tossed out on da street like the rest of da Redlegs?”

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About the Author

Tara Johnson is an author and speaker, and loves to write stories that help people break free from the lies they believe about themselves.

Tara’s debut novel Engraved on the Heart (Tyndale) earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and was a finalist in the Carol and Christy awards. Tara has been published by Tyndale House, Annie’s, and Guideposts. In addition to being published in a variety of digital and print magazines, she is a certified body language expert and has been on radio, television and podcasts. She is a history nerd, especially the Civil War, and adores making people laugh. She, her husband, and children live in Arkansas.